Frequenty Asked Questions

We create a marketplace for your college campus. So, please enter your full college name with the city in which its located. If your college has multiple campuses, do mention the campus name. Please don't enter the name of your affiliating university. Be careful while entering your college name as an invalid or incomplete entry may not find you any buyers for your ads.
Yes, you can. Fratmart is an open-ended platform. If your college doesn't appear on the list of colleges (on the landing page or on the sign-up form), you can add your own college and create your college's marketplace. But before adding a new college, make sure your college doesn't already exist (by searching the list with your full college name).
We take ample care to protect the privacy and personal details of our users and, hence, unlike other major classifieds portals in the world, we don't disclose your email ID. Its stricty for account verification purposes and for receiving transactional mails from Fratmart.
Allowing non-registered/verified users to post ads would result in compromising the authenticity and quality of ads being posted or used goods being sold on Fratmart. And these are two parameters we will never compromise on. Moreover, the sign-up process won't take your more than 60 seconds.
No. Never! You'll only be receiving transactional (book upload/delete confirmation etc) and product update mails from us. Any other mail (marketing etc) will only be sent with your prior permission. Don't worry, we know how frustrating promotional mails are, you'll never face this problem with us.
Signing-up gives your a personalised dashboard where you can view all your chats, uploaded ads, your own marketplaces etc. Opening the chat system to the public would mean allowing unncessasary internet marketers and spammers to chat with you, spoiling the authentic environment we strive to provide through Fratmart. Imagine getting tens of messages everyday which have nothing to do with your Ad.